The Number 1 Reason You Will Fail to Lose Weight!

Was it because you were lazy, had low self esteem, did not follow the diet plan to the letter, had no will power or follow through? Why did you fail? Actually we are asking the wrong question. The question should really be, “why did the amazing weight loss plan we bought fail us?” Have you noticed it is never the weight loss plan that was described to us that was the reason we failed? Could it be we were set up like in the old gangster movies of the past? “Split up boys, we been setup!’ Yes, we were set up from the beginning to fail.

The number 1 reason we have failed to lose the weight we set out to lose is this: Hunger. That’s right, hunger! When you are not hungry weight loss is easy. All the amazing so called weight reduction plans leave you hungry. What happens when you are hungry all the time? Can you exercise when you have no energy? Can you concentrate on anything else when you are hungry? What happens when you are going around hungry and you finally do get to eat?

You tear into anything that is available without regard to your so called amazing weight loss diet. If you truly want to lose the weight you have been carrying around for so long, then try a diet that will not leave you hungry but will actually diminish your hunger. The diet I am talking about is a low carbohydrate diet commonly called a low carb diet. So next time you see an advertisement for the next great weight loss diet know that if it leaves you hungry that you will fail!