Calorie Shifting Diets

Calorie shifting is quite a new way of dieting that has come from out of nowhere to be one of the fastest growing methods around. Countless users have made so many wonderful remarks about it on various forums that it seems almost too good to be true. Is that the case though or is it really a great way of dieting.

The majority of diets available today are based on the idea of eliminating food groups and seriously lowering the amount of calories that you consume each day. The calorie shifting diet however instead focuses on the idea of rotating the groups of food you eat each day.

The reason it works is because by shifting the foods you eat your body fails to recognize that you are on a diet. This keeps your metabolism working at a good rate. Other diets fail for the good reason that they fail to stop your body from sensing you are on a diet, which in turn slows down your metabolism and starts to store your fat instead of burning it. Continue reading “Calorie Shifting Diets”

7 Myths of Low Carb Diets

If you have heard the myths about low carb diets then this article will actually help you to learn the real facts about low carb diets.

Here are the most common 7 myths about this type of foods,

1. Low carb means zero carb

The myth among people is that the low carb diet means that in your diet the carb level should be near zero.

However, the fact is you should have at least 45% to 65% carbohydrate depending upon individual. Not even a single expert advocates this.

2. Low carb diets do not let you to eat vegetables and fruits

The myth is that vegetables and fruits contains mainly carbohydrate, so you should not eat vegetables & fruits if you wish to take low carb foods.

However, that fact is people who follow a low carb way of eating almost always eat more vegetables and fruits than normal population. Non-starchy vegetables are actually comes at the bottom of the low carb pyramids.

3. Low carb diets have less fiber

The myth is that a low carb diet must be low in fiber. Continue reading “7 Myths of Low Carb Diets”

Fast Loss of Weight

Is it possible to lose weight fast? Yes indeed. Fast loss of weight means losing about one to two pounds per week. However, any program, which promotes losing 12-15 pounds in a week or 10 days is not in favor of your health or you can say may cause harm to your health. Fast loss of weight in a healthy manner is possible only with certain diet plans and regular exercises.

1. South Beach Diet: This includes three phases. The first phase lasts for 14 days. In this phase you are not allowed to eat high glycemic foods like mashed potatoes, donuts, sports drinks, pretzels, instant rice and ice cream. As a result you will lose insulin resistance and soon begin to lose fats. In these 14 days you can lose up to 10 pounds. In second phase you can slowly add your restricted food items to your meal. The time period varies from person to person. You must continue this phase until you reach your dream weight. Phase three is for whole life. This phase just maintain your reduced weight. You can include three fruit and three grain servings to your menu per day. With the South Beach diet fast loss of weight is possible in a healthy way. Continue reading “Fast Loss of Weight”

8 Proven Weight Loss Tips

There are a lot of “crash” diets out there that promise that you’ll drop a considerable amount of weight in days or a week.

I have tried a few of these, and in my experience the weight always comes back on, just as quickly since the weight loss tips given are not something that will work with your body.

One thing you don’t want to do if you are actually serious about losing weight is to follow these fad diets and their ridiculous weight loss tips.

After their ineffectiveness has been proven time and again, people will start to wise up to that particular diet, and will head off in search of a new craze.

Lets be honest, people are always searching for new weight loss
tips because they want to lose pounds and they want immediate results, but this is just wishful thinking.

To lose weight permanently and effectively it will be a rather slow progress, all depending on your metabolic rate and how much you need to lose. Continue reading “8 Proven Weight Loss Tips”