Puppy Training: Letting Your Puppy Know His Boundaries

Puppy training can be difficult… especially if you go about it the wrong way. For example, unless you have a fenced yard, never leave your new puppy outdoors alone when you’re not at home. But if you are home, it’s reasonable to expect your trained puppy to stay near the house no matter how tempting a distraction may appeal to him from the outside. Begin by letting him know what his boundaries are.

Take a mason’s twine made from cotton so that over a period of time it will rot away and he will have that duration to generalize the lesson to the area defined. Allow a zone around the house of about 100 to 200 feet…

Lay the twine out around the house at nose height, about six inches off the ground.

It is very important for the puppy to not associate his owner with the shock he’s going to receive when he violates the boundary. Continue reading “Puppy Training: Letting Your Puppy Know His Boundaries”

Train Your Dog Good Eating Habits

As a responsible dog owner, it is essential to take into consideration to train your dog good eating habits.There are many benefits of training your dog eating habits for you and your pet dog. This will help your dog to maintain a healthy appetite, good digestion and excretion. Other than that, it will also learn what it can eat and when its mealtime is at.

Not begging at your table

An untrained dog will think of food in a very general term and it will not bother to choose the food it eats. If you or anyone in your house give your dog food from the table during meals, this will encourage it to beg or even get food off your table when you are having your meals. Not only is this rude and disruptive when you have guests over, your food is unhealthy for your pet.

Fixed mealtime

Set a mealtime for your dog so that it will be easy for it to know when is mealtime. You will be surprise when your furry friend waits for you when it is time for it to be fed. You will train your pet to eat sufficiently and at the right time so that you will not overfeed it and it will promote better digestion for your dog. Puppies need to be fed in smaller portions and more times in a day while a grown dog need to be fed only twice a day. Continue reading “Train Your Dog Good Eating Habits”

Effective Dog Training Methods

Training a puppy needs to begin at an early age. There are many methods to do so, but I recommend using the “Positive Reinforcement” technique. Positive reinforcement involves rewarding desirable or good behavior with treats and affection. I have found that this method works far better that using brute force. Dogs are very affectionate animals and if you show your dog that you love him or her, then he/she will do anything in his/her power to please you and to keep you pleased.

While undertaking this form of training (any form of training really) you need to remember that dogs have personalities as well. This means that each dog is different. This is why dogs like and do things that seem un-dog like. For example, a friend’s dog liked tomatoes. It’s not like they were starving him or something, he just liked tomatoes. My point is that the techniques that I mention here may not work with your dog. This does not mean that all the techniques are flawed. So here are the techniques I was talking about. Continue reading “Effective Dog Training Methods”

Chihuahua Training With Tricks

Out of all of the dog breeds in the world, Chihuahuas have the largest brain in comparison to their body size. As they are also very intelligent dogs, you can teach them different tricks by following the policy of repetition. If you repeat the same training over and over again, they will eventually learn it perfectly. Chihuahuas can pick up information so quickly that some tricks take only few weeks for them to learn.

While training any kind of tricks, it is important to choose a quiet place where your Chihuahua cannot be distracted easily. Make your training fun and show your excitement when they learn something but never scold them if they are not able to grasp your commands. When your Chihuahua masters any kind of tricks, reward them with treats and praise them with some positive words like “Good dog”, “Good girl”, etc.

Here are 3 useful tricks that you can teach to your Chihuahua:

1. Which hand?

This is one of the easiest tricks that you can teach to your Chihuahua. Make her sit in front of you and pick handful of her favorite treats in your hand. Be sure to cover it completely while making a fist. Now, hold both of your hands in front of her and ask, “Which hand”? She will choose the right hand just by the smell of the treats. This simple and cute trick will entertain you, your friends and your Chihuahua as well. Continue reading “Chihuahua Training With Tricks”

Dog Training Tips

Training your dog can be simple, or very frustrating. It all depends on what information you chose to use. Many common problems arise during dog obedience training and dog house training. Here are some tips to help you to a more enjoyable and effective training time.

*House training- Look for the signs. Once your dog realizes where it is supposed to go potty, he will give you signs such as nose grazing, loitering around the door, prancing around the room, eye contact, and even barking. I know one dog that actually rings a bell! Dogs should have regular feeding times and food should be picked up right after they are finished eating. They should be let out on a consistent schedule. If he makes a mess, do not call the dog to you, go and get him. Sit him down and make him look at his mess. Scold or growl to show you are not happy. Then take him outside. Do not let your dog see you clean up his mess. This will undermine your authority, as he will think of you as his maid. This is one of the most common reasons for serious house soiling. Your dog must learn control. You should not have to constantly be on the lookout at the door. Once the incident has been handled, do not continue to scold him. Continue reading “Dog Training Tips”