Top Ten Ways to Keep Cats Healthy

The majority of cat owners want to keep their pet safe and healthy so the animal can have a long, happy life but some people do not know much about cat health. Caring for cats can be challenging but pet owners who are aware of potential hazards have an easier time avoiding disaster. Here are ten ways people can keep their cats healthy throughout the years.

1) Keep Cats Indoors

Outdoor cats face many dangers. They can be hit by a car, eat poisonous plants or run into a human that is cruel to animals. Outdoor cats can get into dangerous fights with feral cats, unleashed dogs, raccoons and other wildlife. Since outdoor cats are exposed to wild animals, contaminated garbage and other unsanitary outdoor areas it is likely that they will become sick at some point.

2) Provide a Clean and Safe Home Environment

Cats that live in a dirty or cluttered home are more likely to become stressed or ill. They may be exposed to dangerous bacteria or mold that will harm their health. Cats that live in a clean environment are happier and healthier but pet owners should remember to use household cleaners that are safe for pets.

3) Stay Up To Date on Immunizations

Immunizations are essential to cat health. They protect cats from many deadly diseases. Cats should receive their first set of immunizations by the time they are three months of age but it is never too late for a cat to receive their shots. Continue reading “Top Ten Ways to Keep Cats Healthy”