Puppy Training: Letting Your Puppy Know His Boundaries

Puppy training can be difficult… especially if you go about it the wrong way. For example, unless you have a fenced yard, never leave your new puppy outdoors alone when you’re not at home. But if you are home, it’s reasonable to expect your trained puppy to stay near the house no matter how tempting a distraction may appeal to him from the outside. Begin by letting him know what his boundaries are.

Take a mason’s twine made from cotton so that over a period of time it will rot away and he will have that duration to generalize the lesson to the area defined. Allow a zone around the house of about 100 to 200 feet…

Lay the twine out around the house at nose height, about six inches off the ground.

It is very important for the puppy to not associate his owner with the shock he’s going to receive when he violates the boundary. Continue reading “Puppy Training: Letting Your Puppy Know His Boundaries”