Effective Dog Training Methods

Training a puppy needs to begin at an early age. There are many methods to do so, but I recommend using the “Positive Reinforcement” technique. Positive reinforcement involves rewarding desirable or good behavior with treats and affection. I have found that this method works far better that using brute force. Dogs are very affectionate animals and if you show your dog that you love him or her, then he/she will do anything in his/her power to please you and to keep you pleased.

While undertaking this form of training (any form of training really) you need to remember that dogs have personalities as well. This means that each dog is different. This is why dogs like and do things that seem un-dog like. For example, a friend’s dog liked tomatoes. It’s not like they were starving him or something, he just liked tomatoes. My point is that the techniques that I mention here may not work with your dog. This does not mean that all the techniques are flawed. So here are the techniques I was talking about. Continue reading “Effective Dog Training Methods”