Pet Carriers – An Important Accessory for Every Dog

Pet needs utmost care and importance just like any other member of the family. There are many reasons why anyone should buy a pet carrier. Let’s discuss a few reasons here. Whenever someone new enters the family a pet is the first one to get uncomfortable. Even the owner tends to get nervous when an outsider visits the place.

A pet carrier or a crate is the best option during such times. Your pet can remain in the same premises as you and the guests inside the crate. This would maintain the comfort level on both the sides. It can provide them a safe place within their own retreat. Now there won’t be any need to lock them up in a separate room when someone arrives as they would start barking. Also their food can be kept inside the crate and there won’t be any extra hassles relating to your pet. The next reason is your camping and outings. If you are fond of camping’s and outings then why not take your pet with you? It would be a great thing to have your pet riding with you. Having a pet carrier would help you keep your pet in front of eyes. The pet would be travelling in the most comfortable position and even you would enjoy their company. Continue reading “Pet Carriers – An Important Accessory for Every Dog”

Chihuahua Training With Tricks

Out of all of the dog breeds in the world, Chihuahuas have the largest brain in comparison to their body size. As they are also very intelligent dogs, you can teach them different tricks by following the policy of repetition. If you repeat the same training over and over again, they will eventually learn it perfectly. Chihuahuas can pick up information so quickly that some tricks take only few weeks for them to learn.

While training any kind of tricks, it is important to choose a quiet place where your Chihuahua cannot be distracted easily. Make your training fun and show your excitement when they learn something but never scold them if they are not able to grasp your commands. When your Chihuahua masters any kind of tricks, reward them with treats and praise them with some positive words like “Good dog”, “Good girl”, etc.

Here are 3 useful tricks that you can teach to your Chihuahua:

1. Which hand?

This is one of the easiest tricks that you can teach to your Chihuahua. Make her sit in front of you and pick handful of her favorite treats in your hand. Be sure to cover it completely while making a fist. Now, hold both of your hands in front of her and ask, “Which hand”? She will choose the right hand just by the smell of the treats. This simple and cute trick will entertain you, your friends and your Chihuahua as well. Continue reading “Chihuahua Training With Tricks”