Could Your Dog Have a Dog Food Allergy?

Dog allergies are a lot more common than you may think, particularly dog food allergies. A very common reaction and indication of dog food allergies is a very itchy dog. If you notice that your dog is scratching constantly, you may initially believe that your dog has a flea infestation. You should first examine your dog’s skin. What you will be looking for are small black dots close to the skin. This is a definite indicator of fleas. This is flea “scat” or dried blood and excrement from the fleas.

If you have searched for some kind of evidence of fleas, but don’t find any, then you can be sure that your dog is afflicted with a skin issue, in particular, an allergy. Dog food allergies can manifest as itchy skin, and sometimes as ear infections. Since your dog is an omnivore, he should have a diet comprised of around 70% protein (meat) and about 30% vegetable/fruit and essential oils. Dogs have been known to build up a specific intolerance to some of the ingredients which are contained in commercially produced dog foods. Some of these ingredients include: dairy, corn, rice, soy and even proteins, such as chicken and beef. Continue reading “Could Your Dog Have a Dog Food Allergy?”