6 Reasons We Don’t Lose Weight

1. Many of our social interactions include food.

For as long as we can remember, we have seen it on TV, the happy family eating cake, the loving couple enjoying a movie with popcorn. For some of us it happened in our homes. If you had a bad day, mom would make it better with cookies and milk or ice cream. I am not saying that these are bad things, it just makes the association between food and happiness very close. Find things that you can do that make you happy without food. Have a family day that is outside doing activities, or a date with your husband that doesn’t include dinner and a movie, go miniature golfing instead.

2. Restaurants portions have increased (particularly fast food).

Research has shown that over the last 20 years the average portion is about 150 calories more than it used to be. Portions are larger so we eat more, up to 43% more than 20 years ago. It seems that if they put it in front of us we eat it. It is good to take some home and have it for lunch the next day. This could save you hundreds of calories a day.

3. We are less active than in the past.

So many jobs are sitting at a desk and then after work the commute is long and by the time we get home we are tired and don’t feel like doing anything but watching reality television. Take baby steps to becoming more active, walk around the block with your spouse, family or roommate. This not only gets you out of the house and moving, it is a great time to talk to the people that are important in your life. Soon you will be doing more active things together. Continue reading “6 Reasons We Don’t Lose Weight”