Calorie Shifting Diets

Calorie shifting is quite a new way of dieting that has come from out of nowhere to be one of the fastest growing methods around. Countless users have made so many wonderful remarks about it on various forums that it seems almost too good to be true. Is that the case though or is it really a great way of dieting.

The majority of diets available today are based on the idea of eliminating food groups and seriously lowering the amount of calories that you consume each day. The calorie shifting diet however instead focuses on the idea of rotating the groups of food you eat each day.

The reason it works is because by shifting the foods you eat your body fails to recognize that you are on a diet. This keeps your metabolism working at a good rate. Other diets fail for the good reason that they fail to stop your body from sensing you are on a diet, which in turn slows down your metabolism and starts to store your fat instead of burning it. Continue reading “Calorie Shifting Diets”