Diabetes in Cats or (Feline Diabetes Mellitus)

Diabetes in cats or (Feline Diabetes mellitus) sorry to say is common in older cats, and is especially common in cats that are fed dry food diets. There was a study in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery in 2006, that reported a high-protein, low-carb diets are as or more effective than insulin at causing remission of diabetes in cats. Now to me, changing your cats diet would be something to consider. I am no vet by any means or a nutritionist but since most dry cat food is high in carbs and deficient in high-quality protein, it makes sense that a lifetime of eating dry food could cause diabetes in middle-aged and older cats.

If your cat is showing any of these signs you should have him/her checked out by your vet for feline diabetes.

Signs to look for:

· Thirstier than usual

· Urinating frequently

· Hungry all the time but is also losing weight

· Unusually sweet-smelling breath

· Lethargy

· Muscle weakness

· Dehydration

· Poor coat condition

· Urinary tract infections

Diabetes mellitus is the result of not enough insulin that is being released from the pancreas, or there can be an abnormal release of insulin together with an inadequate response of the body’s cells to the insulin. So no matter how much your cat may eat he/she will lose weight. Continue reading “Diabetes in Cats or (Feline Diabetes Mellitus)”

The 6 Best Dogs For Single People

Your lifestyle has an impact in the type of dog you choose as your companion. When you decide to get a dog, you may spend a decent amount of time searching the different breeds and their needs in order to ensure they’re the right fit for you. For example, a family may search for a dog that is good with kids, a person with allergies will want a hypoallergenic dog, and an active individual may want a dog that has plenty of energy.

When you’re single, there are certain traits you need or want your dog to have. The following are some of the best dogs for single people.

1. German Shepherds

German Shepherds are great for single people for a variety of reasons. First, they’re known for being extremely protective and easy to train, making them a great choice for both single women and men. German Shepherds are extremely loyal to their owners, which adds to their need to protect their owner.

2.Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers also make great dogs for single people because these dogs typically are devoted to only one person. They will forever be loyal to this individual, and will typically only listen to and obey them over others. These dogs are extremely affectionate to their owners too, making them a great companion to come home to after a long day at work. Continue reading “The 6 Best Dogs For Single People”

The Basics of Dog Body Language

Do you have a dog at home? How much do you know your pet? Being a good dog parent is not limited to feeding your pooch properly and giving it a convenient area to stay. It is not limited to providing the basic needs of your pooch. Dogs have feelings too; hence you should also provide your pet with its emotional needs. As a pet owner, you become responsible for the welfare of your dog. Therefore, you should do everything to take care of its well-being. You can only do it if you understand dog body language, which may indicate how your pet is feeling. Learning about dogs’ emotions can actually be easy for you, for dogs are expressive animals. They intend to convey how they feel, may it be happiness, sadness, fear, pain, or nervousness. You just have to focus on how their certain body parts move.

Below are some of the body movements to watch out in your pet:

Tail Wagging

Some people think that tail wagging is a sign of happiness. While it may be true, it is important to know that there are different types of emotions associated with tail wagging.

· Broad Wag: This is the type of wag that indicates a dog’s happiness. If your pet gives you a broad wag, it is an opportunity for you to play with your pooch and make it even happier.

· Slow Wag with Tail Held Low: This may be an indication of sadness, insecurity, or uncertainty. You may ease your pet’s negative feelings by playing with it or doing something new. Continue reading “The Basics of Dog Body Language”

The Five Basic Designs of Kitty Litter Trays

You may not want your carpets, kitchen floors, sleeping baskets and beds to be transformed into a place for making messes. Cats are neat and have a natural instinct of burying their feces in dirt or sand, making sure their far does not come into contact with the mess.

Therefore, it is important to invest in kitty litter trays. This will help a great deal in keeping things neat and allowing the cat to practice its natural behavior. Many of the cat litter boxes are available in five basic designs. Each of the designs varies with the materials and features. These litter boxes include:

1. Basic flat box

This is a basic cat litter box that features a simple rectangular plastic pan. This litter box is the least expensive and is available in different sizes and depths. The design is simple to clean because you do not have to cover to scoop or remove the lid to clean. Many of the cats prefer the basic flat box.

2. Covered or hooded boxes

Some of the litter boxes feature the traditional rectangular shape. In addition, they feature a hood which covers the box. The box has an opening that allows the pet to enter. The main benefit of this type of liter box is the fact that it offers “privacy”. It also has the ability of containing litter pieces which are likely to be pawed out of the regular flat box. However, hooded boxes can be smelly as a result of poor ventilation. Continue reading “The Five Basic Designs of Kitty Litter Trays”

Top Ten Ways to Keep Cats Healthy

The majority of cat owners want to keep their pet safe and healthy so the animal can have a long, happy life but some people do not know much about cat health. Caring for cats can be challenging but pet owners who are aware of potential hazards have an easier time avoiding disaster. Here are ten ways people can keep their cats healthy throughout the years.

1) Keep Cats Indoors

Outdoor cats face many dangers. They can be hit by a car, eat poisonous plants or run into a human that is cruel to animals. Outdoor cats can get into dangerous fights with feral cats, unleashed dogs, raccoons and other wildlife. Since outdoor cats are exposed to wild animals, contaminated garbage and other unsanitary outdoor areas it is likely that they will become sick at some point.

2) Provide a Clean and Safe Home Environment

Cats that live in a dirty or cluttered home are more likely to become stressed or ill. They may be exposed to dangerous bacteria or mold that will harm their health. Cats that live in a clean environment are happier and healthier but pet owners should remember to use household cleaners that are safe for pets.

3) Stay Up To Date on Immunizations

Immunizations are essential to cat health. They protect cats from many deadly diseases. Cats should receive their first set of immunizations by the time they are three months of age but it is never too late for a cat to receive their shots. Continue reading “Top Ten Ways to Keep Cats Healthy”

Is Your Dog Too Aggressive?

A dog develops an aggressive attitude over time, normally showing early signs of aggression as a puppy. His aggressiveness depends on many reasons; Maybe he is shy of people or new environment, maybe he is defending what he thinks as his own, maybe he has a strong prey drive and is hunting.

Training a dog that has gone aggressive to become well behaved and secure to be around, will not be an easy task. Here’s 4 tips for people who own an aggressive dog

1. Be on your guard around smaller dogs.

What is very interesting is that people usually think that bigger dogs are more dangerous than small dogs; Because of their weight, it might be true that they are likely to cause more damage, but the fact is, small dogs are as likely to bite as big dogs. Continue reading “Is Your Dog Too Aggressive?”

Right Food For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs

A lot of dog breeds have very sensitive stomachs; therefore, they need the right dog food that would not allow their stomachs to be upset. For every dog owner who simply wants the best for their pet dogs, taking care of their dogs is very essential. When it comes to their food, it is necessary to feed them with food that would allow them to become strong and healthy.

Selecting the suitable food for sensitive stomachs can be a long process, and at times, it requires a lot of research and trial and error to find the appropriate dog food. The most important thing that should be done first is to determine the cause of the upset stomach. It could be caused by certain food or medical conditions. When food is the cause of the problem, it can be prevented by not feeding your dog with those foods.

Now, when the problem is caused by any medical conditions, it would be best to bring your dog to the vet before changing the diet of your pet to ensure that you provide him with the most suitable food that he need. Sensitive stomachs are not uncommon in dogs, but it is important to consult your dog’s vet to ensure the safety of the health of your dogs. It would be best to get recommendations from a professional so that you do not place the health of your pet at risk. Continue reading “Right Food For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs”

Dry or Wet Dog Food?

As a pet owner, one of your major concerns is to make sure that your pet is fed well. Your pet needs to get the proper nutrition in order to ensure that it remains healthy, active and very happy. Unfortunately, for many first time pet owners, picking the right food can be quite difficult. Dog owners are very concerned with their dog’s diet because it really affects the health of their dogs directly. One of their major issues is determining what kind to get. Will it be dry or wet food? In order to help them with their decision, they should answer the following questions.

How much can they afford to set aside for their dog’s food? – as much as they want to pamper their dogs, dog owners have to deal with the reality that they need to work with limited funds. This means they only have to buy food that fits their budget. When it comes to dry and wet options, dry is less expensive than wet. Dry is cheaper to produce, store and market. Wet on the other hand, comes in a can and is often more expensive to make. This means if you have a limited budget, dry food is the best option for you. Continue reading “Dry or Wet Dog Food?”

Teaching An Adult Dog Basic Commands

Adult dogs are actually easier to train than a puppy because they have more self control and longer attention spans. The following tips will help you train your adult dog to be on his/ her best behavior.

1. Be patient. If you have just gotten your dog, give him a chance to acclimate himself to his new surroundings. Most times we do not know what kind of situation they came from, so it can take a few days to a few months before your new family member feels comfortable. Soon they will be settled in and realize they are part of your family and this is their forever home.

2. Use a crate for house training. House training usually goes a lot smoother with an adult dog than a puppy because they have better control of their bowels and bladder, but with that said, don’t assume that your new dog was house trained at his last home. Treat your new dog as you would a puppy. If you can’t be with him, keep him in a crate. When you let him out of the crate, take him directly outside to the proper place to relieve himself. Make sure to praise him when he voids in the proper area. Continue reading “Teaching An Adult Dog Basic Commands”

The Senegal Parrot – An Overview

Senegal Parrot – Three Variations

The Senegal parrot (Poicephalus senegalus) is classified as a Poicephalus parrot. The parrot is generally green in color with a red, orange, or yellow belly. There are three different subspecies of this parrot, but the only difference among them is the color in their bellies. If it has a red belly, it is the Senegalus versteri. If it has an orange belly, it is the Senegalus mesotypus. If it has a yellow belly, it is the Senegalus senegalus. All three subspecies can be raised and sold as pets and can be given the same kind of parrot care.

Senegal Parrot – Natural Habitat

The open woodland and the savanna are the habitat of choice of the Senegal parrot. A gregarious species, this parrot chatters continuously and makes a wide range of whistles and squawks. When left alone in their natural habitat, the parrot has an average lifespan of thirty to forty years. When held captive, they have been known to live for as long as fifty years. Despite the different colors of their bellies or “vests”, the three subspecies share the same characteristics. They have the same needs and the same qualities, and they can be shown a similar kind of parrot care. All have a height of approximately nine inches, and they have a weight of about 140 grams. Continue reading “The Senegal Parrot – An Overview”